well there nothing much I can say but I'm here because I was inspired my one of pretty cute bestie named Fatimah Masturah. You should checkout her blog too : ) 
 It is a very harsh year indeed. I'm studying degree in Biology but nah that's the fun part.
The fun part was I had gain so much experience to handle those challenges.
Plus, I learn a lot about bacteria like duh you can't even handle human and now need to deal with the tiniest thing which is bacteria. 
I can't describe myself as a smarty pants but maniac, lunatic , maybe hmmm hahahaha okay then.
I'm blessed the way I am now even though it was like half of this year had passed. There's nothing euphoric this time. Just go on . Because life always teach us lesson. By the way I actually love to write stories. Maybe next time I'll going to post it here. Thanks reading my blog . It is just a sum up of me in 2017 :)